About Us

Paramount Estimating​

We are a leading quantity Take-off and Estimation company. We have an experienced team of thirteen estimators specialized in almost every Construction related trade We provide reliable and comprehensive Estimates and quantity take-offs for projects related to building and construction. We deal in Residential Estimation, Commercial Estimation & Industrial Estimation. We provide specialized estimates with detailed line items. Prioritizing our client’s convenience, we follow CSI MasterFormat divisions. We use Planswift, Bluebeam, and OST for quantity Take-off purpose and you’ll find our estimates to be very accurate. We use RS-means for pricing, our cost database (based upon our previous projects/experience). We also call local vendors to get up to date pricing for that specific region.

Why Choose Us

We at Paramount Estimating operate in an environment built on trust with our entire team receiving specialized guidance and training to ensure you receive the best services possible. We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals and ensure that the best value is obtained from the given budget. Our Staff is comprised of specialists and experts certified from reputed institutes and societies including The American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE), International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA), Certified Cost Consultant (CCC) and from the various other AACE accredited certification options including the Certified Cost Engineer (CCE) and Certified Cost Technician (CCT). Our team also includes estimation professionals certified from the AACE provided Certified Estimating Professional (CEP). We guarantee the provision of reliable building cost estimates. With our help, Construction Professionals will be able to determine the construction cost of any project irrespective of the size.

The Company Promise

The Foundation for Business Expansion, City Development, and Family Growth is often laid by Construction. Paramount Estimating understands that construction is much that cement, wood, walls, or windows, it is the base for a better lifestyle and living standard for your family. Your business, home, or organization is defined by the environment it hails from and this environment is defined by Construction.Construction can be very challenging and requires expertise and skill at dealing with the daily advertises to finish the project on the prescribed time and within the given budget. Accurate estimation guarantees the success of an investment in any construction related project. Hiring a full-time investor is costly and comes with a lot of responsibility so outsourcing estimation and takeoff services is the only viable and suitable option in the given scenario.We understand how much your Dream Project means to you and will not only cater to your needs but tailor it according to your wishes.

Paramount Estimating is part of the American Professional Estimators Program (ASPE). We provide a professional team experienced in the use of specific software and advance Design Estimation Tools.

We Promise

To make your project our top priority and give it our complete focus

To share your excitement and passion for your project

To provide quality and accurate estimates by paying attention to the detail

To fully commit to your project and give proper estimates within time

To help you maximize the value of your investments by informing you of your available options

To be honest and fair at all times

To provide top-notch estimation services professionally

To provide a great experience exceeding our client’s expectations

To consistently try to improve our services and performance

To strive for excellence and stand behind our given estimates

To gain customer satisfaction through hard work and integrity

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