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Commercial Estimation Services

Commercial estimation, along with accuracy and experience, requires sound and in-depth technical expertise. The commercial estimate is at the core of Architects & Designers’ budget development during the project design process. Paramount Estimating deals with all type of Commercial construction estimation jobs. Our engineers have full commercial takeoff and estimation expertise from the past 15 years.


Striving for accuracy and reliability – one brick, one Swall, one building at a time.

Commercial Takeoff and Estimation

A detailed overview will be applied to all forms of residential, industrial, and commercial cost estimation projects which include:

Residential townhouses, apartment complexes, condos, high elevations, and personal homes

Retailing, manufacturing, and producing areas, strip markets, general markets, restaurants, and factories

Colleges, universities, and hospitals

Industrial areas

Commercial areas

Theaters and halls

Living facilities


We provide accurate commercial estimates and forecasts with line item details and specific takeoffs as well as marked up schedules. Land, labor, and equipment pricing is done through our databases of established construction costs.


Our company can provide a full list of products with comprehensive product model and vendor information of goods along with zip-code-based pricing and operating hours to full that specific commercial job.


Our company will provide you the complete list of materials with detailed description model and vendor details of items along with zip-code based pricing and labor man-hours to complete that specific commercial job.

  • Preliminary Commercial estimates

Even before plans are made, commercial developers have to estimate the figures and the number. Today, Paramount Estimating, with a million-dollar project assessment portfolio, experience, and historical data, helps us draw up Preliminary financial commercial estimates and forecasts for developers of real estate.

  • Pre-construction final commercial estimates

Finally, the general contractors and subcontractors soon start to request bid proposals after completion of the building plans, along with the design process or after completion. When does any commercial contractor come to know the market value for the bids? Where to negotiate with GCs and Subs on rates if commercial developers don’t go to any specialist estimation company for services.

For Commercial Architects and Designers

Paramount Estimating is known for the flagship commercial market forecasting operation. Paramount Estimating allows Commercial Architects and Designers so that the design concept and model sketches can be submitted to us and that we can generate budget estimates during the design development process.


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