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Paramount Estimating​

We at Paramount Estimating operate in an environment built on trust with our entire team receiving specialized guidance and training to ensure you receive the best services possible. We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals and ensure that best value is obtained from the given budget.

Mission & VisioN

We are PARAMOUNT & our mission is to bring clarity to a complex world. Our goal is to add value to your construction project. While the in house estimators can be expensive for small to medium scale construction businesses, our experienced team can help you kick start your project with accurate estimates at affordable price.


Our professional estimators with decades of experience at Paramount Estimating Services combine a deep understating of construction with powerful analytical tools like plan swift, Blue Beam, OST etc. to provide clients with accurate estimate and understanding they need to successfully execute their project.

Our Staff is comprised of specialists and experts certified from reputed institutes & societies. We guarantee the provision of reliable building cost estimates and takeoff.

Mainly Our Services Are For, But Not Limited To

General Contractors

With massive, over lapping tasks going on for a general contractors, out sourcing estimation services to Paramount Estimating would mean one less thing to worry about.

Sub Contractors

It’s not always economical to have in-house estimators for a sub-contractor. Get an estimate/ Takeoff prepared with us in 24-48 hours & kick start work on portion of project awarded by GC

Architects & Designers

Providing quantity takeoffs and price estimates from professional plans prepared by architects to initial blueprints at all phases of planning and design.

Construction Estimators

For a professional estimators overwhelmed By ongoing projects, our experienced team is ready to be a helping hand. You can always outsource your estimation jobs at a reasonable price tag with quick turnaround time.

Home Remodeling & Renovation

For small business like home remodeling and renovations Paramount Estimating is no less than a blessing, with quickly prepared estimates you would be discussing your next potential project with your client the very next day.


Are you constructor winning your next job after bidding on multiple projects? You are at the right place. Our experienced team of estimators can help you prepare tens of estimates a week & can put you well ahead your competitors

With our help, Construction Professionals will be able to determine the construction cost of any project irrespective of the size.​

Our Construction Estimation Services

General Requirements

Site work

Concrete Takeoff

Masonry Takeoff & Estimation

Metal Work Estimate

Architectural Woodwork Estimate

Thermal/ Moist Protection Estimate

Door and Windows

Finishes Takeoff & Estimate

Specialties and Equipment


Special Construction Estimate

Conveying System Estimate

Mechanical Takeoff & Estimate

Electrical Takeoff & Estimate

Plumbing Takeoff & Estimate

Our Process

What Our Clients Say About Us

Great Place! These guys know what they are doing and go the extra mile, in a friendly relaxed way not only is services expert and fast, price is fair. A friend recommended them to me, and I am Passing this on.

Craig Ludlow

Very professional and top notch quality of service. Excellent support. Would recommend 10/10.

Carlos Blandin

Recently hired this firm to do a commercial takeoff for me. Their work quality was really good and they turned it back in time as quoted. I intend to do all my future jobs with Paramount Estimating.

Mark Enloe