Concrete Takeoff

The Importance of Concrete Estimating:

Concrete Estimation is a major portion of most Construction Projects owing to the fact that Concrete is used for the construction of almost everything; from the Foundation to the Sidewalks, the planters, the parking lot, and sometimes even the entire skeleton or framework of a building. Its High Compressive Strength makes it ideal for load bearing and transferring structural components such as a concrete slab.

When bidding projects, providing accurate Concrete Estimates is of Paramount Importance. The vitality of an accurate and reliable estimate stems from the dangers of an inflated price due to over-estimating and the risk of under estimating putting financial strains on the construction company. Concrete Estimating is usually performed through Concrete Estimating Software.

Breakdown of Concrete Takeoff:

There are 3 components that make up Concrete Takeoff:

  • Material
  • Labor
  • Equipment

The quantities of these three components vary according to the type of the concrete structure and are different for footings, slabs etc. resulting in no single formula covering the entirety of a construction project. An Accurate Takeoff while estimating concrete requires Structural Drawings which not always available. Absence of Structural drawings call for allowances to be made when tendering a project.

The CSI Division regarding Concrete Takeoff:

The CSI Division 03 deals with Concrete Manufacturers. The several sections into which it is divided into are:

Maintenance of Concrete:

This section incorporates Concrete Common Work Results, Concrete Color Additive, Concrete Pigments, Concrete Schedules, and Maintenance of

  • Concrete Forming and Accessories
  • Cast-In-Place Concrete
  • Precast Concrete
  • Cleaning
  • Resurfacing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cleaning and Resurfacing of Cast Decks and Underlayment
  • Grouting

Concreate Forming and Accessories:

This section is regarding the different Concrete Forming such as

  • Structural Cast-In-Place
  • Architectural Cast-In-Place
  • Form Liners of Concrete
  • Insulated Forming of Concrete

And the different Concrete Accessories:

  • Waterstops
  • Construction Joints of Concrete
  • Cast-In Concrete Anchors

Concrete Reinforcing:

This section discusses Reinforcement Bars and the different types of Reinforcements like:

  • Fabric and Grid
  • Fibrous
  • Stressed Tendon

Cast-In-Place Concrete:

This section includes Architectural Concrete, Structural Concrete, Low Density Concrete, Concrete Finishing, Specialty Placed Concrete, Post-Tensioned Concrete and Concrete Curing.

Pre-Cast Concrete:

This section deals with the Precast Structural Concrete, Precast Architectural Concrete, Site-Cast Concrete, Pre-Cast Concrete Specialties and Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete Trim

Cast Decks and Underlayment:

This section incorporates:

  • Cast Roof Decks
  • Lightweight Concrete Roof Insulation
  • Concrete Topping
  • Cast Underlayment


Cementitious and Epoxy Grouting are discussed in this section.

Mass Concrete:

This section focuses on Concrete Cutting.

Outsourcing Concrete Estimation to Paramount Estimating:

In-house Estimators come with a huge price tag and don’t guarantee reliability and quality. In such cases, Concrete Contractors need Construction Estimating Services to alleviate the pressure of working onsite and the struggles that come with getting accurate and reliable estimates for bidding proposals. Paramount Estimating is an Outsource Estimating and Takeoff Company that vows to provide accurate and reliable Estimates and Construction Takeoff Services for all Concrete related work. We provide:

Concrete RestorationConcrete FrameworkCast-In-Place Concrete
GroutsPrecast ConcreteCementitious
Concrete ReinforcementConcrete CuttingMass Concrete

Paramount Estimating Concrete Takeoff and Estimating Services:

Concrete Takeoffs:

Our Concrete Takeoff Services Include Sidewalks Takeoffs, Basements Takeoffs, Sheer Walls Takeoffs, Driveways Takeoffs, Paving Takeoffs, Structural Rebar Takeoffs, Fireproofing Takeoffs, Wire Mesh Takeoffs, Waterstop Takeoffs, Stirrups Takeoffs, Parking Lots Takeoffs, Visqueen Takeoffs, Retaining Walls Takeoffs, Concrete Repairs Takeoffs, Dowels Takeoffs, Tie Beams Takeoffs, Foundations-Concrete Takeoffs, Knockouts Takeoffs, Formworks Takeoffs, Cast in Place Takeoffs, Columns Takeoffs, Anchors Takeoffs, Grading Takeoffs, Slabs on Grade Takeoffs, Reinforced Concrete Takeoffs, Round Column Block Takeoffs, Headers Takeoffs, Square Pilasters Takeoffs, Countertops Takeoffs, Sill Block Takeoffs, Curbs Takeoffs, Lintel Bock Takeoffs, Patios Takeoffs, Bond Beams Takeoffs, Decks Takeoffs and Lintels Takeoffs.

Concrete Estimating Services:

Our Concrete Estimating Services Include Sidewalks Estimating Services, Basements Estimating Services, Sheer Walls Estimating Services, Driveways Estimating Services, Paving Estimating Services, Structural Rebar Estimating Services, Fireproofing Estimating Services, Wire Mesh Estimating Services, Waterstop Estimating Services, Stirrups Estimating Services, Parking Lots Estimating Services, Visqueen Estimating Services, Retaining Walls Estimating Services, Concrete Repairs Estimating Services, Dowels Estimating Services, Tie Beams Estimating Services, Foundations-Concrete Estimating Services, Knockouts Estimating Services, Formworks Estimating Services, Cast in Place Estimating Services, Columns Estimating Services, Anchors Estimating Services, Grading Estimating Services, Slabs on Grade Estimating Services, Reinforced Concrete Estimating Services, Round Column Block Estimating Services, Headers Estimating Services, Square Pilasters Estimating Services, Countertops Estimating Services, Sill Block Estimating Services, Curbs Estimating Services, Lintel Bock Estimating Services, Patios Estimating Services, Bond Beams Estimating Services, Decks Estimating Services and Lintels Estimating Services

Quantifying Items in Takeoffs:

We quantify items in our Takeoff services such as Dowels takeoffs, Structural Rebar takeoffs, Headers takeoffs, Stirrups takeoffs, Visqueen takeoffs, Knockouts takeoffs, Anchors takeoffs, Round Column Block takeoffs, Wire Mesh takeoffs, Bondbeams takeoffs, Tie Beams takeoffs, Lintel Bock takeoffs, Sill Block takeoffs, Lintels takeoffs and Square Pilasters takeoffs.

Quantifying Items in Estimating Services:

We quantify items in our Takeoff services such as Structural Rebar estimating services, Tie Beams estimating services, Anchors estimating services, Stirrups estimating services, Knockouts estimating services, Visqueen estimating services, Wire Mesh estimating services, Round Column Block estimating services, Dowels estimating services, Headers estimating services, Lintel Bock estimating services, Bondbeams estimating services, Lintels estimating services, Sill Block estimating services and Square Pilasters estimating services.