Site work

Site Work Estimating

Sitework Estimating refers to the estimation of the total cost required to make up the land before the inception of the actual Construction Work. Estimating site work costs is of vital importance to excavators, site engineers, and contractors. A project’s site work incurred costs have a noteworthy effect on the total projected construction cost reaching up to, in some cases, 10% of the total costs. The cost, of course, depends upon several factors such as property type, surrounding area and varies from country to country. In places like Lake Ann and Michigan, the properties are heavily wooded and therefore require a greater section of the money to be dedicated to site work jobs owing to the sloped lots making the Construction Work much more complex. Usually a site work estimating software, or a site work takeoff software is used by estimators to correctly estimate the site work incurred costs.

CSI Division regarding Site Work

The CSI Division dealing with Site work is Division 02. This CSI Division covers Existing Conditions Manufacturers. The Existing Condition product or material manufacturers are organized into CSI Sections by the material or the product. The different sections this Division is divided into are:

· Site Assessment

This section covers jobs like the site surveys and the assessment of the existing condition by Chemical Sampling and Soil Analysis. The assessments include assessing the Water, Environment, Accessibility, Asbestos, Biological Aspects & Elements, Traffic, Air, Land, & Acoustic Assessment.  

· Subsurface Investigation

This section deals with the investigation of the job site’s physical properties, job site’s demolition, and the raising and relocation of its structures. The Geophysical investigations include the Seismic Investigation, Subsurface Sampling, and Drilling, Testing the Jobsite Material, Exploratory Excavations, and Monitoring the Groundwater. The demolition includes selective demolition and the destruction of both the building and its structure along with paper, metal, and plastic recycling.  

· Site Remediation

This section includes Physical, Chemical, Thermal, and Biological Decontamination of the job site in addition to Soil Stabilization and Site Containment.

· Material Removal of Contaminated Site

This section incorporates the Removal of the Underground Storage Tank, Landfill Construction and Storage and the Hazardous Waste Recovery Process that includes Soil Vapor Extraction and Soil Washing and Flushing.

· Water Remediation

The section is about the Groundwater Treatment.

·Facility Remediation

This section includes Lead, Asbestos, Polychlorinated Biphenyl and Mold Remediation in addition to the Transportation, Disposal and Drum Handling of Hazardous Materials.

The necessity of the Sitework Estimation for Bid Proposals

Before Filing Bidding Proposals, the Sitework Improvement/Exterior Improvement Contractors are required to quantify and estimate structures such as:

AwningFencingDrinking FountainSwimming Pool
SkateboardProtective Surface of PlaygroundCanopyBicycle Rack
Climbing WallLandscapingBollardsPatio
Retaining WallsSite FurnitureGabions 

Cost Estimator at Paramount Estimating will provide detailed estimates for work such as pressure grouting, pile driving, shoring, drilling, underpinning, blasting, site clearing, gabions, raising concrete, and caissons. Our Takeoff are reliable, accurate and made while paying attention to the details.

Importance of Outsourcing Site work Estimation Services

The Contractors especially the Sitework Contractors, in addition to keeping up with their daily hectic schedule, are required to carry out site excavation and site improvement activities. These activities include Estimating the cost for Filling, Tearing Down and Cutting Jobs and the Materials and Structures like the Foundations, Piers, Walls, Piles, Anchor Tiebacks, Pavement Seal Coats, Brick/Concrete/Stone Pavers, Tunnels, Trenches, and Engraved Bricks.

Therefore, they often end up outsourcing the job to Estimating and Takeoff Companies like Paramount Estimating. The Professionals at Paramount Estimating provide Residential Estimates, Commercial Estimates, and Industrial Estimates with an accuracy rate of 99.99% and a turnaround time of just 24-48 hours at prices much lower than the competitors.  With our help, you will be able to cut down costs and save expenses rendered by site work estimation all the while improving the quality and winning more jobs.

Paramount Estimating Site work Estimation Services

Sitework Takeoff Services

Our Sitework Takeoff Services include Bicycle racks takeoffs, Awning takeoffs, Skateboard takeoffs, Climbing wall takeoffs, Swimming pools takeoffs, Bollards takeoffs, Canopy takeoffs, Trash and litter receptor takeoffs, Spray parks takeoffs, Landscaping takeoffs, Gabions takeoffs, Docks takeoffs, Furniture takeoffs, Playground protective surface takeoffs, Retaining wall takeoffs, Drinking fountain takeoffs, Marina’s takeoffs, Patio takeoffs, and Fencing takeoffs.

Sitework Estimating Services

Our Sitework Estimating Services include Spray parks estimating services, Awning estimating services, drinking fountain estimating services, Canopy estimating services, Landscaping estimating services, Climbing wall estimating services, Furniture estimating services, Skateboard estimating services, Trash, and litter receptor estimating services, Playground protective surface estimating services, Docks estimating services, Swimming pools estimating services, Retaining wall estimating services, Bicycle racks estimating services, Marinas estimating services, Bollards estimating services, Fencing estimating services, Gabions estimating services, Patio estimating services.

Earthwork Takeoff Services

Our Earthwork Takeoff Services include Excavation Takeoffs, Sheet Piling Takeoffs, Cut and Fill Takeoffs, Piers Takeoffs, Shore Takeoffs, Foundations/walls Takeoffs, Underpinning Takeoffs, Pavement Seal Coats Takeoffs, Anchor Tiebacks Takeoffs, Engraved Bricks Takeoffs, Cofferdams Takeoffs, Concrete Pavers Takeoffs, Piles Takeoffs, Athletic Sports Surfacing Takeoffs, Paving Takeoffs, Synthetic Glass Surfacing Takeoffs, Paving Joint Sealants Takeoffs, Playground Protective Surfaces Takeoffs, Brick Pavers Takeoffs, Traffic Signs and Signals Takeoffs, Stone Pavers Takeoffs and Tennis Court Surfacing Takeoffs.

Earthwork Estimating Services

Our Earthwork Takeoff Services include Excavation Estimating Services, Sheet Piling Estimating Services, Cut and Fill Estimating Services, Piers Estimating Services, Shore Estimating Services, Foundations/walls Estimating Services, Underpinning Estimating Services, Pavement Seal Coats Estimating Services, Anchor Tiebacks Estimating Services, Engraved Bricks Estimating Services, Cofferdams Estimating Services, Concrete Pavers Estimating Services, Piles Estimating Services, Athletic Sports Surfacing Estimating Services, Paving Estimating Services, Synthetic Glass Surfacing Estimating Services, Paving Joint Sealants Estimating Services, Playground Protective Surfaces Estimating Services, Brick Pavers Estimating Services, Traffic Signs and Signals Estimating Services, Stone Pavers Estimating Services and Tennis Court Surfacing Estimating Services.

Site Improvement Takeoffs

Our Site improvement Takeoff Services include Grates and Guards Takeoffs, Fences and Gates Hardware Takeoffs, Retaining Walls Takeoffs, Fabricated Bridges Takeoffs, Gabions Takeoffs, Vegetated Roofing Takeoffs, Edging Takeoffs, Turf and Grasses Takeoffs, Roof Barriers Takeoffs, Docks, and Marine Takeoffs and Tree Staking Takeoffs.

Site Improvement Estimating Services

Our Site improvement Estimating Services include Grates and Guards Estimating Services, Fences, and Gates Hardware Estimating Services, Retaining Walls Estimating Services, Fabricated Bridges Estimating Services, Gabions Estimating Services, Vegetated Roofing Estimating Services, Edging Estimating Services, Turf, and Grasses Estimating Services, Roof Barriers Estimating Services, Docks, and Marine Estimating Services and Tree Staking Estimating Services