What Is RSMeans

RSMeans Data is considered as the authoritative source of facility construction, renovation, and repair cost information. Its provision of accurate detailed and trusted services for more than 69 years has led it to be recognized as the North American Standard. More than 40,000 construction professionals turn to RSMeans Data and its cost-related research methodologies before engaging in multi-trillion dollars of construction operations and activities. But what is this RSMeans and why is it looked up to as a trusted source of information by construction professionals? This article will introduce you to the industrial standard in construction cost data known as RSMeans.

What is RSMeans?

RSMeans is a vital tool for residential and commercial construction estimates used by the likes of contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers. It is basically a construction database and includes the most recent cost estimates. It is the most reliable source of accurate cost estimates in the market currently. It allows the user to generate quick and precise new project or renovation estimates by providing a wide variety of data. A team of experienced professionals, highly skilled in assessing the current and project costs of key construction components, thoroughly research RSMeans Cost Data. These researchers spend nearly 22,000 hours per year to ensure that costs indicated in the RSMeans are accurate. This is one of the main reasons why it is still relied upon today.

RSMeans’ Formats:

  • Hard Copy and Electrical Formats:

Since its inception, it continues to be offered in the form of a series of books. The books are updated on a yearly basis and are available in both digital and physical forms. Construction cost estimators find the digital form more effective and efficient due to quick access to references. The online database will always have an advantage over printed RSMean books because although the data in the books is current at the time of publication but it becomes less reliable with time as the projected cost increases or decreases resulting in the books being less accurate than the online version. Additionally, e-books and CDs are offered as well to the organization that does not want to clutter up their desks with RSMeans Catalogues.

  • Software Platforms:

The true potential of RSMeans is realized when it is integrated with a construction cost estimating software. It is one of the most powerful ways to use this tool. Such software helps the contractors and subcontractors produce an accurate estimate. The integration of a construction cost estimating software with RSMeans saves time and reduces errors while ensuring a granted access to most extensively use and reliable database of construction costs in North America. This helps the contractor’s forecast costs for material and labor and get access to location specific data when operating in multiple locations.

RSMeans’ Benefits:

  • Protection against Lawsuits:

The data provided by RSMeans is accepted widely and this credibility has led it to be relied upon in government contracts as well. The government contracts that are based on RSMeans are unanimously accepted without further questioning. This trustworthiness will benefit an RSMeans user in the event of a lawsuit over some previous project. The usage of an RSMeans estimating software will put the user in the clear as far as the estimates they provided are concerned. An easily winnable lawsuit will restore the reputation and help save on court fees, legal expenditures, and expert witnesses.

  • Accurate Estimations:

RSMeans help detect cost in every aspect of the business and provide accurate estimates so that none of the work is dependent upon guesswork or chance. It has an extensive database that provides location-specific cost for every unit of material and square footage costs for any type of building. RSMeans data simplifies the estimation process and enables quick comparisons between bids and estimates.

RSMeans Cost Estimation Levels:

Depending on the level of access to the database, it provides cost estimates at both Unit and Assembly levels. Unit prices are useful for unique projects and give greater control over the estimate. They are beneficial for estimates for smaller projects and renovations and provide a granular view of construction costs throughout. The assembly costs are most useful for larger projects and help to determine the feasibility of a design. They are intended to streamline a project’s design development stage. RSMean data for assemblies are useful for comparison among the different construction types and systems. However, it calculates labor based off union rates.

Final Thoughts:

RSMeans has no equal when it comes to project management and construction cost estimation. In addition to protecting your business on various fronts, RSMeans is the best software available that will help regulate all construction costs.  Paramount Estimating provides professional estimation services using RSMeans across North America. We integrate the data to arrive at accurate estimates based on location. We offer quantity takeoffs for all kinds of residential and commercial construction projects. Our estimation services extend across the USA to General Contractors, Sub Contractors, Architects, Consultants, and House Constructors.