Conveying System Estimate

Paramount Estimating Cost Estimation Services for Conveying Equipment:

Conveyor Systems are extremely vital for construction owing to their help in the transportation of heavy equipment. Their use leads to an increase in the output, they facilitate operation’s continuity, saves time and either reduces or completely eliminates waiting periods. Adhering to the CSI Division 14 which is regarding Manufacturers of Conveying Equipment, our detailed cost estimates constitutes of the following sections:

Operation and Maintenance:

This section covers the costs for:

  • Maintenance and Operation of Elevators
  • Furniture’s Maintenance and Operation
  • Dumbwaiter’s Maintenance and Operation
  • Utilities’ Maintenance and Operation
  • Transportation Maintenance and Operation
  • Airfield’s Maintenance and Operation
  • Storefront’s Maintenance and Operation
  • Vent’s Maintenance and Operation
  • Furnishing’s Maintenance and Operation
  • Plumbing Maintenance and Operation
  • Rehabilitation of Elevators
  • Maintenance and Operation of Lifts
  • Elevator’s Commissioning
  • Special Construction’s Commissioning
  • Ice Rink’s Commissioning
  • Lift’s Commissioning
  • Plumbing Commissioning
  • Cooling Equipment’s Commissioning
  • Existing Condition’s Commissioning
  • Dumbwaiter’s Commissioning
  • Finishes’ Commissioning


This section discusses the costs for:

  • Hydraulic Dumbwaiters
  • Manual Dumbwaiters
  • Electric Dumbwaiters
  • Rehabilitation od Dumbwaiters
  • Dumbwaiters’ Commissioning
  • Maintenance and Operation of Dumbwaiters


This section deals with costs for:

  • Residential Elevators
  • Electric Traction Elevators
  • Electric Traction Elevators for Freight Purposes
  • Electric Traction Elevators for Passengers
  • Electric Traction Elevators for Residential Purposes
  • Electric Traction Service Elevators
  • Hydraulic Elevators
  • o   Hydraulic Elevators for Freight Purposes
  • Rack Elevators
  • Pinion Elevators
  • Limited-Use or Limited Application Elevators
  • Cabs and Doors for Custom Elevators
  • Doors of Custom Elevators
  • Cab Finishes of Custom Elevators
  • Controls and Equipment for Elevators
  • Elevator Controls
  • Elevator Doors

Moving Walks and Escalators:

This section Is regarding the costs for:

  • Moving Walks
  • Moving Ramps
  • Escalators
  • Moving Walks and Escalator’s Commissioning
  • Moving Walks and Escalator’s Rehabilitation
  • Moving Walks and Escalator’s Maintenance and Operation
  • Powered Ramps
  • Motorized Ramps
  • Facility Equipment’s Integrated Automation Control


This section incorporates the costs for:

  • People’s Lifts
  • People’s Lifts that are counterbalanced
  • People’s Lifts that have an endless belt
  • Wheelchair Lifts
  • Wheelchair lifts that are inclined
  • Wheelchair lifts that are vertical
  • Platform Lifts
  • Stage Lifts
  • Orchestra Lifts
  • Sidewalk Lifts
  • Postal Conveying
  • Vehicle Lifts
  • Service Lifts for Vehicles
  • Parking Lifts for Vehicles
  • Material Lifts
  • Bagging Dispensing and Conveying


This section constitutes the costs for:

  • Exhibit Turntables
  • Industrial Turntables
  • Stage Turntables
  • Restaurant Turntables
  • Hospitality Turntables
  • Display Turntables
  • Vehicle Turntables
  • Entertainment Turntables
  • Piece-Material Turntables


This section is about the costs for:

  • Suspended Scaffolding
  • Hook Scaffolding
  • Beam Scaffolding
  • Carriage Scaffolding
  • Rope Climbers
  • Manual Rope Climbing
  • Powered Rope Climbing
  • Elevating Platforms
  • Lifts for Telescopic Platforms
  • Electric Lifts
  • Battery Powered Lifts
  • Pneumatic Lifts
  • Lifts for Multi-Axis Platforms
  • Platforms with Scissor Lifts
  • Powered Scaffolding
  • Hoists for Window Washing
  • Facility Chutes
  • Trash Chutes
  • Goals Chutes
  • Laundry Chutes
  • Escape Chutes
  • Linen Chutes
  • Pneumatic Tube Systems