Masonry Takeoff & Estimation

The Complications linked to Masonry Takeoff:

Masonry Work is the Construction work performed with Clay Bricks, Concrete Bricks and Blocks, Clay Tiles, Natural Stone and Artificial Stone. Subcontractors typically perform this job by supplying labor, equipment and materials required to complete the work. Estimating Masonry Costs is essential for Construction. An in-depth Masonry Construction Knowledge is a prerequisite for accurate and reliable Masonry Estimates. A great deal of attention must be paid to items such as Mortar Joint Treatment and Masonry Bond that have a profound effect on Material Usage, Mortar Consumption and Waste Factors.

The CSI Division regarding Masonry:

CSI Division 04 is about Masonry Manufacturers and has the following Sections:

Maintenance of Masonry:

This section discusses:

  • Maintenance of Unit Masonry and Stone Assemblies
  • Period Masonry Conservation Treatment
  • Masonry Common Work Results
  • Masonry Cement
  • Masonry Commissioning

Unit Masonry:

This section covers Terra Cotta Panels, Unit Masonry Panels, and the following Unit Masonries:

  • Clay
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Adobe
  • Multiple-Wythe
  • Concrete Form
  • Engineered

Stone Assemblies:

This section incorporates Landscape stones, Dry-Placed Stones, Exterior Stone Cladding, and Stone Masonry.

Refractory Masonry:

This section includes Masonry Fireplace and its Mantels and also deals with these different types of Masonries:

  • Flue Liner
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Castable Refractory
  • Refractory Brick

Corrosion-Resistant Masonry:

Chemical-Resistant Brick Masonry and Vitrified Clay Liner Plate are covered in this Section.

Manufactured Masonry:

This section is all about Hydraulically Applied Limestone Veneer, Manufactured Brick Masonry, Cast Stone Masonry, Manufactured Stone Masonry, and Glass Unit Assemblies.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Masonry Estimation to Paramount Estimating:

Paramount Estimating relieves you from all the stress that the complicated Masonry Estimation puts one through or the struggles of getting accurate estimates from expensive in-house estimator by providing outsource Construction Takeoff and Estimation Services at a much less rate. Our Estimation Services are Reliable, Accurate and Cost Effective. Paramount Estimating provides help to Masonry Repair Contractors with Concrete Masonry Estimation Services. Our Commercial Cost Estimator estimates CMU Walls, Clay Masonry and Glass Masonry using PlanSwift Software. With certified software, our estimators guarantee the provision of required details on time. We provide:

  • Corrosion Resist Masonry
  • Mortar
  • Stone
  • Unit Masonry
  • Masonry Accessories

What we include in our Masonry Construction Estimates:

Paramount Estimating provides Masonry Takeoff and Estimation services for all Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects. Each and everything in the Masonry Trade is quantified by us with the details from Concrete Block, Stone, Brick, Tile, Architectural Precast, and Marble. We provide the following for Block Masons:

  • Sill Block
  • Square Pilasters
  • Angle Block
  • Knockouts
  • Headers
  • Regular Block
  • Lintel Block
  • Bond Beam
  • Sand
  • Mortar
  • Round Column Block

Paramount Estimating Masonry Takeoff and Estimating Services:

Masonry Takeoffs:

Our Masonry Takeoff Services include Glass unit masonry takeoffs, Granite takeoffs, Concrete masonry units takeoffs, Limestone takeoffs, Clay unit masonry takeoffs, Stone masonry takeoffs, Architectural and glazed masonry takeoffs, Slate takeoffs, Marble takeoffs, Cast stone takeoffs, Sandstone takeoffs, Masonry Flashing Takeoffs, Mortar and grout takeoffs, Soapstone takeoffs, Brick Veneer Takeoffs and Masonry Anchorage Takeoffs.

Masonry Estimating Services:

Our Masonry Takeoff Services include Glass unit masonry Estimating Services, Granite Estimating Services, Concrete masonry units Estimating Services, Limestone Estimating Services, Clay unit masonry Estimating Services, Stone masonry Estimating Services, Architectural and glazed masonry Estimating Services, Slate Estimating Services, Marble Estimating Services, Cast stone Estimating Services, Sandstone Estimating Services, Masonry Flashing Estimating Services, Mortar and grout Estimating Services, Soapstone Estimating Services, Brick Veneer Estimating Services and Masonry Anchorage Estimating Services.