Architectural Woodwork Estimate

WPC, Wood Plastic Composite, is made up of Recovered Wood joined by a small amount of adhesive to recycled Plastic. Their Physical and Mechanical Properties depends upon how wood and plastic were integrated. It is created from a paste and hence has the ability to be molded into any shape and size and dyed to fit any design scheme. The Advantages of both Wood and Plastic are merged into WPC. In comparison to Wood, it is much more durable and sturdier while retaining its natural appearance. WPC Sheet, which is sheet in a certain percentage mixed with wood powder and plastic powder, is used for Furniture, Packaging, Building Materials etc.

WPC has become an ideal construction material for Residential Construction and Commercial Construction. They are able to hold nails, screws and other wood fasteners much better than actual wood and unlike wood, they don’t break when screws are used at plank ends.

Paramount Estimating provides good and accurate WPC Estimates for Commercial Construction and Residential Construction Projects. Our Services Extend across the US to General and Subcontractors. Our Professional Estimates ensure the on-time delivery of your project.

Paramount Estimating WPC Estimating Services:

We provide Wood and Plastic Composite Estimating and Takeoff services such as

  • Decking
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Paneling
  • Sheathing
  • Wood Veneers
  • Plastic Fabrications

Paramount Estimating is contacted by Millwork Contractors for Material Quantity and Labor Takeoff of all the items involved in the work scope. We provide Millwork Contractors with detailed lumber takeoffs depicting the true essence of the estimate’s purpose. Client’s requirements establish the basic purpose of the Cost Estimate and Takeoff.

We provide the following Services:

Fasteners and AdhesivesRough CarpentryHeavy Timber Construction
Prefabricated Wood/Metal JointsFinish CarpentryWood Treatment

Paramount Estimating Architectural Woodwork Takeoffs:

We estimate things that Specialty Contractors deal with like:

  • Millwork
  • Woodwork
  • Plastic Composites work

We provide Lumber Takeoff and Estimation Services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Make sure to contact us for a detailed Lumber or wood, plastic or their composites estimate.

Compliance with the CSI Division 06:

CSI Division 06 deals with Wood, Plastic and Composites Manufacturers. We follow the CSI Master Format for our Estimates. Our Takeoffs constitute of the following sections:

Maintenance of Wood, Plastics, and their Composites:

This section discusses Architectural Woodwork Refinishing and Restoration, Plastic Cleaning and Restoration, Maintenance of Structural Composites and Common Work Results for Wood, Plastic, and their Composites.

Rough Carpentry:

This Section is about Sheathing, Wood Framing, Treated Wood Foundations, Structural Panels, Structural Wood (Shop-Fabricated), Wood Decking, Heavy Timber and Glued-Laminated Construction.

Finish Carpentry:

Prefinished Paneling, Millwork, and Board Paneling are discussed in this section.

Architectural Woodwork:

This section incorporates wood structures like Wood Frames, Wood Paneling, Wood Shutters, Wood Casework, Wood Screen, Wood Railings, Wood Trim, Wood Stairs and Ornamental Woodwork.

Structural Plastics:

This section is regarding Structural Plastic Shapes and Plates, Plastic Decking and Plastic Structural Assemblies.

Plastic Fabrications:

This section constitutes of:

  • Simulated Stone Fabrications
  • Ornamental Woodwork that is Customized
  • Plastic Railings
  • Plastic Paneling
  • Plastic Trim

Structural Composites:

This section is about Composite Decking and Plates and Shapes that are Structural Composites.

Composite Fabrications:

This section incorporates Plastics that are reinforcements of Glass and Fiber, Composite Trim, Pergolas, and Railings.