ABC – Associated Builders & Contractors

ABC Founded in 1950, in Baltimore-Maryland, Associated Builders & Contractors is a national trade association of the construction industry. The Association has been working for the benefits of the U.S construction industry as a whole. Its objective includes explicitly dealing with issues on an industry-wide basis through its national office and 69 chapters.

ABC Mission and Vision

The reason for this Association coming into being is a philosophy; The Merit Shop. A philosophy that states all construction projects should be contracted and awarded based on merit solely. And that too, in an open competition and a free-enterprise approach. And to free labor affiliation from the basis of contracts. 

  • The driving force of this Association is its 22,000 commercial contractors and nearly two million employees. All of its members convinced of the philosophy. Therefore, all of them actively participate in keeping the face of the construction industry fair and unbiased.
  • ABC is grounded on strong law-making institutions, directorial and judicial branches of the federal, national, and local governmental bodies. Hence it dares to solve issues on every possible level.
  • Also, ABC is the construction industry’s voice over news media; voicing out the philosophy and addressing issues of the construction industry.
  • ABC has been actively representing government affairs, advocating the workforce development, technological and educational advancements, organizing national and chapter awards programs for recognition, additional benefits for the employee, business development, and informative programs through online contractor web directory.

Moreover, ABC also ranks among the 50 most significant trade associations in the nation, according to the Washington Business Journal. Its members are working based on merit and encouraging the Merit Shop’s philosophy. To our pride, most of the builders and contractors who are members of this Association are our long-term clients. We have proved ourselves qualified for their merits and have won many projects in the open competition industry. Therefore, showcasing the efficiency of Paramount Estimators and our grip over our work.

To conclude, a reminder for you; if you are looking for estimators to rely your project upon, know that we have a trusted history working with the world’s known builders and contractors.